Our new approach to innovation

C-Lab is a new division of Qwince and EBWorld able to provide end-to-end consulting services for the evolution of large and small value-driven organizations.

Our team is devoted to making valuable innovation really happen.

  • We believe in the power of individuals working together with creativity and passion, to create the tangible and valuable innovation for the achievement of credible and exciting goals.
  • We aim to bring excellent, diverse and complementary people to work together with customers and partners in a team committed to making a difference through collaboration and co-creation.
  • We stimulate a data-centric creative approach and we use smart tools (including geo-localisation) to monetize our customers’ data.

We organise workshop and events to help our clients to:

  • Think about the untapped opportunities of data to contribute to value creation (value proposition design)
  • Define together development strategies and business models (business model design and system innovation design)
  • Create ambitious but implementable evolutionary paths, starting from business case e prototyping design

We support our customers in identifying the key partners and teams, build the necessary skills and define the right metrics when developing useful collaborations for the projects success. We contribute to prototyping development and testing/validation phase.

We use tools, skills case histories, and new techniques to stimulate creative processes and innovation able to get tangible and valuable objectives.

Our team

Gianmarco Troia
Gianmarco TroiaPharma
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Oscar Bordin
Oscar BordinInnovation Advisor
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Carlo Nuccio
Carlo NuccioTelco
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