A group of companies focused on data intelligence

With in-depth industry knowledge our group aims to offer specialised, tailored solutions in the design, engineering and implementation of data intelligence and technology.

With trust, passion, integrity and team-work, we are proud to make technology work, no matter  ourcustomers’ challenge.

Our group involves:

Our team

Our consultants have the background and experience to interpret data, perform advanced analysis and improve business operations by data intelligence and decision-making in any industry. Since 2007, we have worked alongside the pharmaceutical, marketing and communication industries, and we have the track record to prove it.

Gianmarco Troia

CEO & Founder
Industrial Engineer, founder and shareholder. Previous experience in consulting firms, he is a qualified Lead Auditor ISO 27001:2005, ISO/IEC 17799:2005, ISO 9001. He is in charge of General Management and consulting services for auditing and compliance.

Francesco Mete

Head of Location Intelligence Services
Telecommunication Engineer and CEO of EBWorld. 20+ years of experience in management and location intelligence analytics for TLC, Utilities and Government applications. Focused on group strategic planning.

Carlo Nuccio

CEO Neuralya
Industrial Engineer, 20+ years of experience in design and implementation of complex innovative and TLC solutions. Focused on commercial team building, customer management and business development.

Stefano Todaro

Head of Innovation
Computer Engineer and shareholder. Software Development analyst and shareholder. He has participated in a Webmaster qualification. Expert in software and mobile software development.He is also in charge of the R&D area.

Vitalba Pantaleo

Business Development

Industrial Engineer and MBA at MIP ‘Polytechnic of Milan’. Strong background in leading TLC companies. She covered almost all positions in marketing and sales.  Used to playing on variable market conditions, she developed quite a bunch of crucial analytical tools to redefine efforts and expectations suited to changing and new needs.

Salvatore Addio

VP Human Resources
Strategic, real multinational-minded HR expert. Motivational leader able to foster teamwork and energize others to higher levels of performance in complex cross-cultural environments. Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR) certificate professional by the S.H.R.M. (Society for HR Management).

Giosafat Armenio

Senior Developer
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, he works with SecurProject.it as Software Developer and Web Designer.

Marco Barcellona

Full Stack Developer – Pharma Expert
Software Developer with web development skills.

Dario Curasì

Full Stack Developer – Data Science
Degree in computer science. Works with Qwince as software developer with web development skills.
Qualified expert in data intelligence.

Roberto Di Miceli

Senior Developer
He works with Securproject.it as software developer, with specific expertise in Android, iOS and Windows Mobile application development.

Davide Filippi

System Admin
Network administrator (Windows/Linux /VoIP) and expert of complex infrastructures. Certification Cisco CCNA 200-125.

Maria Schiattarella

Business Development
Business Development Expert with more than 10 years experience in driving commercial strategy. She supports strategic growth and development of the business to business division in the Italy.

Rachael Stilwell

Business Development

Business Development Expert with more than 10 years experience in driving commercial strategy. She supports strategic growth and development of the business to business division in the UK.

Daniele Trapani

Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer with 10+ years of industry experience. Working in SecurProject.it as Software Developer, expert in web technologies and R&D.

Leonardo Zanardi

VP Strategic Planning
Healthcare industry expert from more than 37 years. 24 years in SK & F Sales and Marketing, Smith Kline Beecham and Procter & Gamble. 12 years in Quintiles as Vice President Italy and then Head of New Services Development of EMEA region. From 2014 to 2015 member of the Board of Directors of Domedica.