Project Description



– Pharmaceutical Product Distribution Network
Digital Platform for expired pharmaceutical products recall

The issue
Assinde is a company created by the association of Italian pharmaceutical producers, pharmacies and wholesalers, which recalls, collects and pays for expired pharmaceutical products all over the Italian market (Pharmaceutical products recall).
We have been working with Assinde from the very beginning and we seized the opportunity to reinvent their processes and their systems.
Assinde partnered with Qwince to develop a bold new process that would guarantee security and compliance within the evolving news market, and also inspire employees to develop and deliver higher quality work.
Our solution
Based on this future-focused business strategy, Assinde and Qwince innovated the operations, the information systems and brand identity. Some key features of the work we did:

  • Complete redesign of existing processes
  • Design and implementation of the new data collection and management platform
  • UltraPEC implementation to communicate with Italian pharmacies
  • Design and implementation of new services for pharmaceutical products recall
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  • Consulting services for auditing and compliance
+ 12.000 pharmacies, + 200 wholesalers, + 120 pharmaceutical producers
+ 6.000.000 pharmaceutical products managed
+ 15 years on line
“Assinde is a company created by pharmaceutical producers, wholesalers and pharmacies associations. Assinde provides the recall systems for unsaleable pharmaceutical products and their indemnity in Italy. Our activity is so specific that we needed bespoke software to fulfill our operating needs. At the same time, we need continuous changes to meet our end customers needs. Qwince ( has been supporting us during our growth and evolution of internal processes until the current stage, which is considered highly flexible and qualitative.
Over the last few years, we focused on our web portal which became not only an information point, but a new communication system with all our customers (more than 18.000), while guaranteeing high usability and transparency as well as high degree of security and reliability.”
Managing Director, Assinde