Dosing support, Adherence and Insights

AiCure frees your institution to get the most out of its data and research, with a platform that delivers predictive and unbiased insights to optimize drug development and patient care.

The platforms allows users to:

  • Explore: Access a structured collection of video and audio data through secure, compliant handling of unique PHI data
  • Understand: Learn how patient behavior and experience drives value
  • Operationalize: Use predictive insights to take action when it matters

Qwince shares with AiCure a holistic view of the patient to engage and deliver meaningful, high-quality data around patient behavior. We partner with with AiCure to bring predictive and unbiased insights to drug development and patient care in the Italian market.



Target: Pharmaceutical companies – Healthcare delivery organisations (HDOs) – Pharmacies – Research Institutes

Innovate data collection to support clinical trials and patient care


AiCure delivers actionable insights across the drug life cycle – from Phase I investigations into safety and response, to identifying, creating and verifying more objective endpoints during Phase II and Phase III, and monitoring efficacy in real-world deployments.
The key benefits of AiCure are:

  • develop symptom-specific AI models that allow a more accurate measurement of signs of disease;
  • implement remote assessments that can be used to continuously assess treatment response in patients between clinic visits;
  • create, train, and test predictive algorithms to enhance patient engagement and study delivery.

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Learn how AiCure delivers a compliant, scalable AI platform to maximize the impact of data on clinical research and end-to-end operations, from pre-clinical to commercialization.

AiCure brings AI to the life sciences industry to guide data-driven decision-making for more meaningful clinical trials, optimized drug development, and accelerated innovation.

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