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innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower

we share years of consulting and healthcare experience with technology expertise to innovate remote monitoring and communications for better patients adherence, engagement and data collection.

our mission is to make health easy for healthcare service providers and patients. we combine technology, analytics and networks to power and create innovative services, driving better outcomes and experiences for chronic patients, in order to improve their life and create healthier days at home.

three different business units are able to deliver purpose-built, innovative technology solutions to improve quality of care, relations between patients and healthcare providers,  medication adherence and cost outcomes.

three departments to innovate healthcare

we partner with the healthcare organisations and industry to optimise value from health services, therapies and medicines. we use technology and innovation to bring health homeward, so healthcare should be value-based and meet people where they are. that’s why every day we work to increase healthy, happy days at home

our clients

since 2007, we believe in the power of innovation to build a positive human future and find a new perspective to turn complexity into opportunity. for healthcare services this means that we want to use innovation and technology to enable more happy, healthy days at home for chronic patients.

our products