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Partner: Promofarma – Federfarma
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Target: Pharmaceutical companies – Healthcare delivery organisations (HDOs) – Pharmacies – GPs
Main focus on service delivery

Telemedicine as a major driver in shifting the healthcare delivery model

The issueScenario

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Federfarma, the association of Italian pharmacies, has dramatically accelerated the use of new technologies in the provision of patient care.

Based upon the positive results of these initial efforts and the overwhelmingly positive response from patients, Dottorfarma was implemented with additional services: pharmacies and services booking in pharmacies and teleconsultation.

So, it is clear that new technologies will keep being an integral part of the healthcare delivery system.

These virtual patient engagement encounters, together with the traditional approach, will become a critical factor in the manner in which a patient will view the competency of their clinician or pharmacist and their overall confidence with the health system.

DottorFARMA FACILE and CONNESSA are the two new services launched in July 2020 to support the Italian pharmacies to interact with their patients while keeping the social distancing and the actions to be safe in this COVID-19 phase.

DottorFARMA FACILE is a drug reservation service that can be accessed via web, chatbot and mobile app. The drug reservation allows the patient to avoid queues, maintain social distancing and be sure to find the drugs in a trusted pharmacy when they decide to pick them up.

DottorFARMA  CONNESSA is Federfarma’s service that allows a video consultation to communicate with a trusted pharmacy, using a safe and reliable connection. The service includes the possibility of sharing reports and images and collecting information before the appointment.

Unlike an in-person visit, Qwince was focused on the key success factors of the introduction of new technologies in existing processes. We know that there are multiple factors that can impact the quality of the service that are outside the control of the provider. These factors include bandwidth to the patient’s location, camera capabilities, speaker controls and others.

More than ever, the system selected to provide telemedicine services must provide added controls to overcome these factors that are outside the control of the provider.

Qwince kept in mind several key drivers associated with the long term enablement of telemedicine include functionality, reliability, ease of use, associated electronic health record, cost, and of course, the support available to assist either the patient or pharmacist with the use of the functionality.

We are aware that this is a time of transition for the healthcare industry. As exemplified by other industries, the winners and losers within their industry are significantly driven by the digitalisation of the delivery of their services and enhancing their customer experience.

Telemedicine will be a driving force, directing where our customers’ organisation will be positioned in the upcoming years.

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