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Warranty Management Solution – Advanced Platform for manufacturers

Partner: Tratos Group

Target: Manufacturers – Dealers – Thirty-party users

Warranty Management Solution – Advanced Platform for manufacturers

The issue

Manufacturers, dealers, or thirty-party users need a robust warranty administration program for critical aspects of the warranty process and for monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing.

Qwince’s Warranty Management Solution (WMS) provides a platform to handle all warranty process-related problems – from contract/claims administration to reporting. Competitive warranty administration requires detailed directives with clear-cut segmentation of roles, so that you can resolve warranty issues faster.

Our solution

The platform is able to support the full lifecycle of the customers with an easy-to-use mobile app and web application. The WMS tool is used to track the main activities and interactions about delivery, installation, issues, warranty, etc related to each product.

Qwince’s WMS helps:

  • create new policies, delete older/defunct ones or even update policies to process claims accordingly
  • access a complete management tool for customers’ employees operating in the field
  • respond to customer requests, and collaborate with a support team from anywhere
  • create a report to track the status of field modifications against the inventory


  • Efficient and user friendly warranty policies management
  • Issues reporting related to relevant events of each product using GPS functionalities and pictures
  • Robust warranty claims management software can control, direct, process, and track warranties along the product life cycle
  • Complete customer support with an all-in-one app able to track communications between the customer and the support centre
  • Process enhancement
  • Root cause of failure pattern to streamline processes for results
  • Inventory status
  • Custom report
  • Time management
  • Warranty visualisation and email
  • Push notificationsHelp and Support

The platform implements an extended warranty module, which is a vital service function offered to customers in addition to the standard warranty. It generates a huge degree of profitability to the business and is based on customer value, satisfaction, and trust.

The platform automatically collects and organises customer interactions, so:
– when the support team log in to the console, they can dive right into their cases, prioritised based on business needs;
– assign the right cases to the right operator;
– add pictures and notes to cases to communicate with the support team;
– escalate high priority cases to managers, or send product issues to subject matter experts so customers get the best answers;
– focus on what’s important for easy organisation and prioritisation.