Project Description


GFK – Doxapharma

Branded companies and communication agencies focused on testing how effective their communication is, their claims, or products, by understanding what catches the attention of a panel of respondents, to figure out what people think and feel before deciding to buy and getting insights into drivers of customer purchase behaviour preferences, paths and attention.
Retailers interested in customer experience optimisation inside their stores.
Neuralya: use data to understand your customer

The problem
Consumers’ attention has never been harder to earn, it’s extremely hard to communicate effectively and turn visitors into customers.
To catch their attention, engage, and stimulate an interaction with your product or service, it’s crucial to analyse a set of indicators (KPI), for each phase of the customer journey. These insights have to be able to contribute to the customer’s experience optimisation, both in a physical space and in a virtual one
Our solution
By applying neuroscience and behavioural analysis principles, we use emerging technology that measures people’s behaviours and reactions to products.
We use data to deliver a strategy that helps you understand your brand and grow your business. Neuralya is a platform which extends the set of traditional neuromarketing metrics and gives a wider understanding of what the customer is thinking and feeling. By using the newest technologies, we evaluate the customer’s behaviour, rationale, emotional and instinctual components.

The suite, Neuralya, combines three layers to understand your customer behaviour and give feedback on your customer experience and interaction in a store and via a digital touchpoint (social network, web site, video etc).
Neuralya Lab: Neuralya Lab is an easy-to-use neuromarketing platform which incorporates non-invasive wearable devices. It combines Eye Tracking, Facial Expressions, GSR and EEG techniques to gain insights about human behaviour.
By collecting data from different sensors, we measure conscious and unconscious responses from your clients or consumers.
Neuralya Social: thanks to the integration of KPI6 technology, Neuralya Social is able to monitor and listen to your web and social communication channels, to understand the sentiment and reputation around your brand and to profile your audience.
Neuralya Live: We collect data from multiple sources (cameras, Wi-Fi Hubs, Beacon e Motion Controller) and reputable data providers to produce deeper and richer insights around your customers’ experiences in your stories.
+20 studies for branded companies and market research companies to evaluate the customer experience during a digital and physical journey.