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This year Neuralya is Cool Vendor 2016

Qwince’s world class neuromarketing technology singled out by Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2016.

It’s hard to express how proud we are to be considered one of the five coolest worldwide technologies for market research.
Today, CMOs need to understand their customers and markets, create strategies and assets and manage programmes, products and people.
Neuralya is cool because it acts on the two emerging trends of future markets: predictive models and physiological dimensions.
This year we are incredibly proud to announce that Gartner chose Neuralya as one of the five coolest products able to support the market research industry with new technologies that can help marketing managers to tap new sources of inspiration, reduce costs and get results fast.
According to Gartner, Neuralya is cool because:

  • We provide neuromarketing insights into purchasing behaviours, by using biometric data that indicates the purchasers’ emotions (that is, “how they feel”);
  • We integrate a greater variety and volume of sensors and data sources to enhance market research initiatives.
  • We are an open platform, able to integrate the latest technologies. Developments in sensors and analytics demonstrate that biometric data, social media data, contextual data and emotional data can let clients acquire a more holistic view of their customers.
  • We focus on neuromarketing analytics using multiple data streams from the most reliable sources. For biometric data signals, Qwince has a strong partnership with important providers able to offer wearable devices and data collection techniques.

Product managers and product marketing managers can now seek out advanced neuromarketing analytics and indications through Cool Vendors, to mitigate growing threats, whilst understanding their customers.
Furthermore, marketing campaign managers, brand managers and consumer research professionals must also understand the markets. Neuralya aids customer research by using sensors to take advantage of available data and to recommend strategic decisions: new product ideas and new markets to enter.

Neuralya provides highly accurate insights based on industry-leading devices.

Emotion analytics have never been so simple and cost effective.