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Neuralya @ M&M Global – Why neuromarketing isn’t really ‘neuro’ any more

Qwince is excited to announce that M&M Global, the global brand for media and marketing offering news, insight, analysis and opinion on the international media sector, named Neuralya in the analysis “The composite mind: Why neuromarketing isn’t really ‘neuro’ any more“.
The analysis highlights as “The field of neuromarketing has changed – measuring brain responses to marketing stimuli is no longer enough. At a time where data is at the forefront of everyone’s marketing strategies, M&M Global looks into the importance of learning to correctly combine capture methods for a range of bodily responses to paint a clearer mental picture on branding.
Neuralya sets itself apart by collecting multiple biometric information through commercial mobile and wearable technologies in order to determine conscious and unconscious reactions to brands, using disparate data streams from multiple sources to provide insights into implicit and autonomic drivers of consumer purchase behaviour.
Founder and chief executive officer Gianmarco Troia feels that, in order to properly exploit Neuralya’s insights, marketers need to collect user-level information across channels and devices, creating their own database of insights.
“This will be a critical resource to define the future strategies and understand the trends in the customers’ preferences and behaviours,” he adds, encouraging marketers to combine his company’s neuroinsights with traditional marketing techniques to provide a clear image of the target market.
Troia feels the future of the field lies in the development of emotionally reactive new sensors and predictive models, with plans to extend Neuralya’s suite in real time in-store data collection.
Thanks to Anna Dobbie by M&M Global  for the great analysis.