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Dynamic Data Discovery and Location based intelligence

Partner: EBWorld
Target: Telco & Utilities Industies

Dynamic Data Discovery and Location based intelligence

The issue
70% of telecommunications companies consider Location Intelligence critical to their success. Location Intelligence is a form of Business Intelligence (BI) where the dominant dimension of analysis is geography or location with data points overlayed on an interactive map interface. With the growth of visualization and the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Location Intelligence is becoming integral to new business models and approaches to gaining insights not accessible before.
A brand new mobile application, named PNIM, for Android devices, was designed and implemented to support Enel Open Fiber during the network (FTTH) creation, construction, service activation and installation based on Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) by General Electric, based on location intelligence.
Our solution
Our objective was to create a mobile tool able to support network design and delivery, while providing data quality and introducing automation during data collection.

  • Field data acquisition using a smart device and data transfer to control Room.
  • Real-time full visibility on field operations.
  • Integration with GIS and location intelligence services.


  • Accurate end-to-end description of all FTTH connections and fast “supply chain” from planning to billing for EBWorld
  • Efficiency due to accurate network inventory managed
  • Consistent data base to support fault management, asset maintenance and assurance
  • Business intelligence and reporting