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Secure form data collection

Partner: Merck Sharp & Dohme – Organon – Novartis – Novo Nordisk

Target: Sales Force Automation – Compliance Department

Secure form data collection

The problem
What is Hyla Eyes?
Hyla Eyes is a new framework for Secure Data Collection and Event certification with smart devices.
A new solution, designed by Qwince and, for control rooms (or from any secured device) to monitor the progress of in-field operators in real time using smartphones.
The business challenge is to keep our customers’ businesses up and running, secure, effective and responsive to new mobility requirements. The framework aims to certify all data collected in the field while guaranteeing compliance standards and procedures, reducing time-consuming costs and increasing efficiency.

Hyla Doc
Hyla Doc Secure Form Collection is a vertical implementation of our Hyla Eyes framework focused on the secure acquisition of forms (secure form collection) filled by operators (i.e. Sales Reps). After a secure authentication, each operator can take pictures of a pre-defined standard form, check the readability and the level of completeness and secure send them to a data centre for additional operations (i.e. OCR). The procedure is extremely simple, black-labelled and can be tailored to the end user’s needs.
The end-user can also receive real-time feedback from the data centre thanks to a dedicated notification area.

Our solution
A real case-study
In order to be compliant with the Italian regulations, a pharmaceutical company was obliged to handle thousands of forms each year. In fact, each sales rep has to fill in a form specifying how many samples he delivers to each clinician. Each form has to be signed and stamped by the clinicians.
With the traditional paper-based process, the sales rep was obliged to send the forms by ordinary mail to an OCR service provider, who converted this information into digital data for the legacy CRM system. The throughput time was about 2.5 months.
Using Hyla Doc to collect filled forms, sales reps can secure send in real-time grey-scaled pictures to an OCR service provider. Now the throughput time to update the CRM system is about 1 week.
Hyla Doc is a fully integrated solution with iPharmony CRM.