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Qwince @ Innovation Makers Day 2014, has been chosen as one of the best companies promoting the “brand Sicilia” and will be eligible for the CERISDI AWARDS
The awards have been given on the 2nd of December in Palermo (Italy), at CERISDI – Castello Utveggio.
These were the first CERISDI AWARDS to the Talenti Siciliani. and Qwince were selected by the CERISDI board to receive the CERISDI AWARDS.
We are proud of this award because it is a showcase of Sicilian talents promoting the Sicilian excellence all over the world.
CERISDI wanted to highlight how it’s possible to create great businesses and opportunities in Sicily, to show an important example for the younger generations.
This year, the Sicilian “Innovation Makers” have pitched their innovations in three minutes. introduced its innovation offer and demonstrated a new concept on Thalmic MYO armband.
This is an important award for all of us after a lot of hard work.
The “CERISDI AWARDS” awarded successful performances in different sectors, new technologies and entrepreneurship.
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