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Qwince @ Italian Start-up in the UK seminar by British Embassy in Rome

The seminar “Start-up Italiane nel Regno Unito” was co-hosted on Tuesday 27th of October 2015 at Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome by the Chairman of “Sezione Bilaterale di Amicizia UIP Italia-Gran Bretagna”, Michela Montevecchi, and the British Ambassador in Italy, Christopher Prentice.
The main aim of the seminar was to introduce opportunities in the UK market for an Italian start-up, while discussing the main regulatory differences between the two markets.
During the seminar, there were presentations by:

James Politi, Financial Times, was the moderator.
The presentations were followed by a round table on the actions the Italian Parliament can adopt to improve the start-up ecosystem. The discussion was focused on the opportunities, as well as the obstacles, for Italian companies in the UK.

Together with Chorally and Facility Life, Qwince was invited to testify its experience in the UK and European market, supported by UKTI and GEP. The three companies are considered successful examples of Italian effort to compete in a global market. Our CEO, Gianmarco Troia, presented our journey from the Incubatore Arca (University of Palermo) in Palermo to London to become a digital innovation company able to compete in the European market.
This event follows the video published by UKTI to promote Italian investments in the UK, where Qwince was selected as one of four testimonials.
Below are some articles from Italian newspapers.